Cedron Mark Sterling, L.M.T.
Therapeutic Artistry with Myofascial Release for Effective Treatment of Chronic Pain

What Clients Say

I have experienced the power of Cedron’s healing touch.  He has been very skillful in identifying the complex sources of my pain and working with my body to restore it to proper alignment.  Often I leave my sessions feeling he is a miracle worker.   As a health care provider myself, I have very high standards and expectations.  Over time I have experienced other approaches and Cedron clearly stands out from the rest. His expertise, intuitive approach to healing and dedication to continuing professional growth is remarkable.  My overwhelmingly positive experience and trust in Cedron has led me to confidently refer my patients, family and friends.  I feel very lucky to have discovered Cedron!

Marie Annette Brown A.R.N.P., F.N.P., Ph.D. (Retired 2019)
Professor, Univ of WA School of Nursing
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner,
UW Medical Center Women's Health Clinic


The Myofascial Release and Therapeutic Touch treatments I received from Cedron have resulted in great relief from pain and to the return of normal function.  I had previously been treated for severe sciatic pain with craniosacral, chiropractic, and acupuncture therapies that resulted in temporary relief.  After working with Cedron, what most impressed me was the lasting effect of  MFR, and I was able to resume my normal activities and start walking correctly for increasing distances.

Cedron is one of the most professional, dedicated, gentle, competent, and compassionate therapists I have been "touched" by in my life.  One of his special gifts is the ability to make one feel safe and create an atmosphere of total trust which relaxes each client and makes them more open to his wonderful healing hands and energy.  Thank you Cedron for being you and helping me to become whole and well again.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Cathleen Fanslow, R.N., M.A.
Author: "Using the Power of Hope to Cope with Dying: The Four Stages of Hope" (Quill Driver Books)


As a physician, I have tried many types of physical medicine and body work.  I was amazed at the improvement in scar tissue and emotional release from working with Cedron after just one session.  He is extremely experienced, very talented and highly intuitive.  As a result of the response I had to his myofacial release work, I am now recommending it to many of my patients - motor vehicle accidents, repetitive use injuries, post surgical treatment - all have had wonderful results.  I highly recommend Cedron as a practitioner - the results are fantastic.

Jena Peterson, N.D.
Full Circle Natural Medicine Clinic- Seattle


Cedron's wonderful body work cured my plantar fasciatis, when a year of PT didn't touch it. He has made it possible for me to sit and walk comfortably despite my crooked and often sore body. He's a lovely, grounded person, whom I trust in every way.

Robin Shapiro, LICSW
Psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant, Writer, & International Presenter
Author of numerous books including: "Trauma Treatments Handbook, Protocols Across the Spectrum" (Norton, 2010)


I am a competitive fencer and developed a “tennis elbow” type injury in my right arm which caused me to stop fencing right handed in July 2008.  My goal was to resume right handed fencing in time to compete in the August 2009 National Senior Games.  By March of 2009 I was still experiencing discomfort and upon a recommendation of a friend, went to see Cedron.  I was pleasantly surprised that after one session I felt more ease of movement in my arm.  By April, Cedron told me  that I’d be fencing in August, but I didn’t quite believe him.  Well, not only did I compete in August, I achieved my first silver medal in a national competition!  I’m very appreciative of Cedron’s talents in helping me to become pain free.

Pamella Guntrum, R.N., Ph.D. (Retired 2021)
Manager, Clinical Development & Patient Education
Harborview Medical Center


Cedron Sterling is in the rarified category of gifted healers.  Having experienced slow and painful progress with traditional PT therapy, I was amazed at the extraordinary results I experienced with Cedron after just three sessions of Myofacial Release.  I highly recommend his services, which border on the miraculous.  Seeing is not just believing, it is knowing with certainty.

Dennis Flaherty
Director & Founder
Northwest Institute of Vedic Sciences


In the winter of 2013, I was struggling with a chronic injury to the left sciatic nerve.  I experienced pain much of the time and needed a cane or walking stick for anything more than a few steps.  My two favorite activities, gardening and dancing were severely curtailed.  

In 2014, I began working with Cedron.  Within six months I could put my walking sticks away and manage all my indoor activities without support.  Dancing a full evening as well as gardening for 3-4 hours were now possible with minimal discomfort.  Cedron's highly detailed knowledge of the body's musculature and his sensitive intuition are a powerful combination.  His integrity, kindness, and humility make him absolutely trustworthy.  I am immensely grateful to Cedron for returning me to my beloved life activities.

Helen Gabel, A.R.N.P, C.N.M (Retired 2018)
Adjunct Faculty, Midwife, & Nurse Practitioner
Bastyr University Department of Midwifery


I'm a professional science writer and an amateur bookworm. I alternate between hunching over a notebook, hunching over a computer, and hunching over a good book. Partly as a result, no doubt, I have a pretty intractable case of thoracic outlet syndrome. If you don't know what that is, count yourself lucky. Cedron's work has been quite amazing. What's more, I've retained the increased circulation and mobility in my arms, shoulders, and neck. And working with Cedron is wonderful. He's just a golden man, with golden hands and a golden heart.

Susan McGrath
Freelance Writer


I was 20 years old when I first went to see Cedron. My body had become so tightly wound that I was forced to stop cycling. Cedron immediately "wow"d me with his ability to release tightness in my body. After one session I got off the table and almost fell over backward. In a single session Cedron had altered the center of gravity in my body (for the better of course). Most importantly, however, was that Cedron's treatment reintroduced me to my own body. He encourages his clients to remain aware and focused during each session, to breathe deeply and focus on releasing tension. The more I was able to pay attention to Cedron's efforts, the more successful they were and the more I quickly realized my own power over my body. In his mastery of myofascial release, Cedron introduced me to a world of self-healing with infinite potential. My life has never been the same since. I have a life of calmness and energy to look forward to, all thanks to Cedron.

Hans Schoenburg
Avid Cyclist & Senior at Yale University

As a professional musician of 25 years, I have relied heavily on my body to maneuver the skills necessary for playing the piano.  This does not come without a cost and so I sought out someone who could not only relieve my acute problems, but teach me how to maintain healthy connective tissue.  Cedron Sterling has fulfilled a remarkable task in this regard.  He is a highly intuitive and caring practitioner of myo-fascial release., a process I have found more effective than any other body work I have tried.  He is highly skilled in his profession and I would recommend anyone who is suffering from tension, aches and pains, and especially repetitive stress symptoms to consult with him. Cedron is the top in his field and an extraordinary human being. The result of my experience with him has deepened my awareness of my own body and how it works as well as relief from pain and injury.

Molly Knight
Concert Pianist, Recording Artist, Teacher, &  Accompanist
Meditation Teacher

Cedron's combination of MFR with other forms of bodywork and energy work are both effective and delicious. He is patient, quiet, steady, and warm. I've worked with Cedron on multiple occasions, both for general purposes and for post-accident therapy. He has contributed wonderfully to my range of motion, postural alignment, and total body comfort and flexibility -- and with this has come a very welcome emotional softening and heart opening. Cedron is a gem and this is a relationship for life.

Halim Dunsky, CPCC, ACC
Executive & Leadership Coach

When I first came to see Cedron, I was in severe pain from a patient care related injury.  Surgery was the recommended treatment, but I wanted to try other options before committing to such an extreme solution.  My body’s response to the myofascial work with Cedron was nothing short of amazing to me.  His approach was so gentle that it seemed miraculous to go from the worst pain I had ever experienced to complete relief and return to full function.   I am excited to continue the work; exploring areas of chronic pain, and stress patterns caused from many years of working as a nurse.   In addition to the restorative work, Cedron has also taught me self-care strategies for maintaining wellness.  I am deeply grateful.

Carol Berven, B.S.N, R.N.C
Psychiatric Nurse
Northwest Hospital

Cedron’s gifted hands have helped to not only relieve chronic pain in my neck and shoulders resulting from a cervical injury and two surgeries, but has also helped relieve tension in old surgical scar sites that I had no idea were causing pain in other areas of my body.  As a result, I have been able to reduce my pain medication. Amazing!

Cedron has intentionally created a space for his client’s that is warm, welcoming, and informative, allowing one to feel very safe and secure in his gifted, caring, compassionate hands. I so appreciate his willingness to help me understand my body and myself in a deeper more meaningful way and I look forward to many more years of growing even healthier as I age with his help.

Kathy Kansky
Retired Athletic Coach & Former Gymnast


“I was suffering from severe carpal tunnel pain in both of my wrists when I found my way to Cedron without knowing much about Myofacial Release. After just the first treatment my symptoms were significantly reduced, and all through a relaxing and subtle series of movements unlike anything I had experienced before. Cedron is a very gifted healer combining advanced technical skills with a compassionate heart to accelerate the body’s natural movement toward healing and wellness.  I highly recommend him!”

Suzanne Anderson, M.A.
Co-Author: The Way of the Mysterial Woman
Principle, The Center for Mysterial Leadership

"Suffering from the long-term consequences of a shattered backbone, due to a car accident, my body knew it was entering whole new dimensions of healing as soon as Cedron began his first session with me. To every session Cedron consistently brought the consummate skill, intuitive wisdom and compassionate heart of a true healer of the highest caliber.   Beyond his superb blend of skill, wisdom and compassion, however, Cedron’s healing power stems from something more that is difficult to articulate.  Sports psychology has popularized the phrase “in the zone”.  With Cedron at the helm, each session proved to be a remarkable journey “into the zone” in which we mutually entered a kind of timeless flow where lies the true heart and source of healing.  I cannot recommend his work highly enough!"

Phil Notermann, C.D.P., M.A., M.S.W.
Retired Drug & Alchohol Dependency Counselor

I have worked with Cedron for over three decades, initially with massage and later myofascial release therapy.  Visits in the early years were excellent for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Then I was in two auto accidents and had many physical consequences.  Cedron was helpful in easing the pain I was in, repairing the damage to my neck, shoulders and back, and providing relaxation and energizing my body as well.   My symptoms from the auto accidents were lessened with each successive treatment.  Cedron is always present and aware in both massage and myofascial release sessions.  He is able to check in at the appropriate times for maximum benefit.  He has intuition, spirit and knowledge that guide him in his work.  I appreciate his ability and his concern for my well- being.  He is a devoted healer, with amazing healing hands.

Mirabai Wahbe, M.A.
Presenter, The Gottman Institute

"Cedron’s myofascial release work is a deep and powerful practice that helps me return to how I want to feel in my body.  Rather than focusing solely on the symptoms and discomforts I experience in the moment, Cedron attunes to the “whole being” principles of MFR as he listens and responds to the holding patterns of tightness in my body, gently coaxing those areas to soften and release.  I experience the work as operating at the depth of Rolfing – only rather than pushing through resistances, MFR tracks the holding patterns and follows their own release.  I enthusiastically recommend the healing transformative work Cedron offers with his MFR practice."

Daoud Neil Miller, M.A.


"Cedron brings a consummate artistry to his work. As an advanced body worker and healer myself, I have been to scores of practitioners and am very particular about who I see for treatment. When Cedron has his excellent hands on me and goes into the meditative frame of mind he works from, I enter a zone of deep relaxation that allows me to refresh myself deeply. His precision and this wonderful perk keep me coming back."

Teresa Dietze, C.N.T., L.M.T., D.A.F.N.S.
Comprehensive Health Consultant | Results-Based Intuitive


I have been a client of Cedron’s for over three decades.  He is very skilled at a great number of bodywork techniques, and uses them in a very effective mix with a large degree of intuition.  The results of every session are extraordinary.

Wendy Zieve, M.A.
Board Certified Music Therapist