Cedron Mark Sterling, L.M.T.
Therapeutic Artistry with Myofascial Release for Effective Treatment of Chronic Pain

Practitioner Mentoring Program

Are you at the beginning or in the middle of your journey as a practitioner training in the John F. Barnes, PT Approach to Myofascial Release?  Could you use some extra support in one or more areas of practice to deepen your sense of confidence & competence?    After 17 years of full-time myofascial practice (40 years as a bodyworker) and having rendered over 15,000 hours of treatment with well over 300 clients since 2005, I've decided it's time to give back to the myofascial practitioner community.  As a practitioner, what areas would you like support in?  I will customize your mentoring experience to you. Give me a call and let's talk to see if I might be a good fit for you.

Some ideas for assistance might include, but are certainly not be limited to:

  • Mastering your palpatory skills to perceive the "First Barrier of Resistance" - the essential skill in assessing and treating myofascial tightness.
  • Learning to work multiple barriers of tightness simultaneously.
  • Finding multiple ways to get at the same problem when one approach doesn't work.
  • Understanding the psychology of pain, and how to sensitize yourself to your client's condition so they feel supported.
  • Cultivating "feeling intelligence" in yourself and fostering it in your clients.
  • Using "mistakes" in advancing your development as a practitioner.
  • Learning to recognize helpful clues from your clients.
  • Learning to work collaboratively "with" your clients and not "on" them.
  • Getting out of your head and into your hands and bringing your whole self to the work with clients.
  • Getting comfortable with not knowing what you will do next in order to make room for an aha moment. 
  • The art of practice building - doing what you love, serving authentically, and being well compensated for it.
  • Deepening your skill set in soft tissue mobilization, an amazing adjunct to myofascial release.
  • Bring a client of yours where progress has not happened or has plateaued and treat them along side me.
  • Transforming your practice into a vehicle for right livelihood.